Canadian Oilfield Waste Solutions 

We understand that responsible oilfield waste management is not just a necessity but a commitment to a sustainable future.

Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions

Our services include the treatment, recovery, and disposal of a variety of waste streams, including liquid and solid waste such as sludge, water, oil, and solid waste.

We boast 30 high-quality environmental waste and water management assets strategically located in key geographic Canadian oil & gas production and development basins. The company operates:

TRD Facilities
Treat, recover, and dispose of liquid and solid wastes, including sludge, water, oil, and solids.

SWD Facilities
Our standalone water disposal facilities treat and dispose of produced water and waste water.

Ensure the safe disposal of liquid and sludge waste streams into large, underground salt caverns.

Class II Landfills
For disposal of solid wastes in environmentally safe & responsible engineered cells

Benefits of Choosing Us

Choose R360 Canada

With a 25-year trusted waste collection legacy, we've established a solid reputation. Offering highly competitive prices for any budget, we prioritize sustainability through diverse recycling options. Count on swift roll-off delivery and setup, respecting your valuable time.

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Safety First
Uncompromising dedication to safety in all operations.
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Customized Solutions
Tailored waste management plans to meet your specific needs.
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Compliant & Transparent
Throughout the years of service to the oil and gas industry, our companies have not only been open to customer audits, but have consistently exceeded expectations.
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Financial Strength
We are part of the Waste Connections team. We plan to invest in and grow our solutions for you, strengthening our industry.
R360 Canada

Integrated Service Offerings

Your trusted partner in safe oilfield waste solutions

Leading Innovation

With a focus on safety, innovation, and environmental stewardship, we come with the strength and financial backing of the leading waste management company, Waste Connections of Canada. Waste Connections is a public company listed on the TSX & NYSE, with an expert team and the desire to expand to meet all your oilfield waste service needs.

We constantly monitor and evaluate new technologies and programs that can enhance our commitment to the environment. Within our industry, there is enormous effort made toward alternative technologies to reduce landfill disposal, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and harness bio-fuels. Waste Connections has been providing waste services for over 26 years and has over 12 years of experience in the oilfield industry with our R360 Environmental Solutions U.S. team. With highly skilled team members at our R360 Canada office based out of Calgary, Alberta, we look forward to bringing strong partnerships and innovative services to meet your oilfield waste needs.


We have numerous opportunities for individuals who want to work in a growing industry with outstanding benefits.