Treatment, Recovery, and Disposal solutions to oil & gas producers throughout their drilling, production, and remediation life cycle.

R360 Solutions

Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions

Our workforce and management teams are comprised of a highly-trained group of over 250 seasoned professionals with extensive experience and expertise in waste processing and treatment with a strong safety record.

Oilfield waste solutions are what our experienced team is equipped to handle, including the most challenging waste management requirements. Our goal is to streamline your waste management processes, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your sites safely and efficiently.

TRD Facilities

Treat, recover, and dispose of liquid and solid wastes, including sludge, water, oil, and solids.

SWD Facilities

Our standalone water disposal facilities treat and dispose of produced water and waste water.


Ensure the safe disposal of liquid and sludge waste streams into large, underground salt caverns.

Class II Landfills

For disposal of solid wastes in environmentally safe responsible & highly engineered cells